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Sktchy art school

sktchy art school

Sktchy art school

Why sktchy art school artists and art teachers gathered at the gallery this past Thursday night for an exhibition of their work? When it comes to art, there’s no one right way to do it. The purpose of the exhibition was to give people a chance to see different styles of art that were created by different artists at the school.


What is sktchy art school and why should you attend?

Sktchy Art School is a creative arts school located in Los Angeles, California. The school offers programs in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. Classes are small and instructor-led, so students have the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented artists in the industry.

The school was founded by artist Gustavo Arellano and art teacher Monica Gallagher in 2008. They both realized that there was a need for an accessible art school that offered high-quality instruction without the traditional studio setting. Since grown to be one of the leading sktchy art schools in the nation and offers courses in both Los Angeles and online formats.

If you’re looking for an innovative and inspiring education in the arts, then this is the perfect place for you.


What to expect when you attend a sktchy art school

For many students, attending a sktchy art school is akin to embarking on a new adventure. Whether they’re looking for an escape from the everyday mundanities of their lives or are searching for an unconventional education, these schools offer a unique experience.

So what is sktchy art school like? For one thing, you’ll need to be comfortable with making decisions quickly and creatively. In class, you’ll be working on original pieces that will require both skill and sensitivity. You’ll also need to be able to take criticism well – after all, your peers are the ones who will be judging your work.

But if you prepare to put in the hard work, this art schools can be incredibly rewarding. Not only will you learn new techniques and develop your own style, but you’ll also make lifelong friends and discover aspects of yourself that you never would have known existed. So if you have interest in finding a creative outlet that’s outside of the norm, consider checking out a sktchy art school near you!


The benefits of attending

Sktchy art schools offer students a unique opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top artists. Classes are informal and interactive, providing students with an opportunity to develop their own style and techniques. In addition, many art schools have strong partnerships with famous museums and galleries. Providing students with the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside some of the best in the world.


The best way to find out if it is right for you

If you’re considering a career in art, but feel like you don’t have the right type of personality for it?  Sktchy art school may be the perfect fit for you. Here, you’ll find a community of artists and teachers who are passionate about their work and supportive of one another. Plus, the school offers a wide range of courses that will teach you everything from drawing to painting to sculpting. If you’re ready to take your artistry to the next level, check out this art school today!



Thank you all for joining us at this special sktchy art school artists and art teachers gathering. It was great to see so many of our friends from around the internet in person. And we had a lot of fun chatting about everything from sktchy art to teaching. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!


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