Nebii For Chamber of Commerce


Is your Chamber of Commerce looking to build better connections between members?
Struggling to retain existing members, and seeking cost effective ways to increase membership?
Difficult to provide quality connections and leads to your membership?

Facilitate more face-to-face connections when using Nebii software!

Professionals join your Chamber of Commerce in order to make connections and to generate business. What if there was a software tool that enabled Chamber members to engage with each other automatically, without your staff having to manage those connections? 

Nebii liberates your staff’s time by creating 1-on-1 introductions between members.  Upgrade your Chamber by offering your members a Nebii Chamber Group to belong to so you can focus on gaining new clients and let Nebii help you retain existing ones! Try it today and watch your Chamber’s member engagement skyrocket!

Here are some of the Nebii features that will make sure the software pays for itself in no time:


Auto Engagement

Enables Chamber members to search for and meet one another, without the need for the organizer to be directly involved.  No more manually facilitating connections!

Reporting Tools

Our Dashboard shows you at a glance how many members received leads, or valuable connections. See how Chamber members are engaging with each other.

Growth Automation

Watch your network grow exponentially!  As members gain valuable connections and leads, they will refer colleagues to join your network.

Mobile Device Friendly

Easily communicate with your network anywhere, with any mobile, tablet or desktop device.  Nebii is designed for the ‘Executive On the Go!’

Email List Management

See where your members come from, and get backups of your growing contact list whenever you want. Importing existing contacts is available via .csv import.

Group Messaging

Enables you to send email messages to your entire network — or just one person. This feature keeps your network informed and engaged with your message.