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Are you a Community Builder? Do you organize events online or offline? Are you a Marketer that brings people together?

If so, you’re in the right place. There’s a way to make your community building efforts much easier.

Keeping your network warm and your email lists organized is a lot of work for any Community Builder, Marketer, or Event Planner. Organizing endless events and custom messaging campaigns to keep your followers engaged with your message is now a thing of the past.

What if a tool created automatic engagement for all of your followers in your network at once?
What would you do with your free time and resources?


I’m Matthew Winters, the founder and creator of Nebii, a Community Building Organizer Software built for Professionals. I have been a Professional Organizer for years, built communities of 100+ thousand followers, and have been recognized for creating some of the most active online communities in the world. Nebii, helps organizers like yourself grow communities more quickly, easily, and efficiently than other methods available. Now you can grow an ecosystem of professionals that are glued to your message.

Nebii has these features and more:

Lead Generation

Generate more leads for yourself and your followers using our professional connection tools. 

Automatic Engagement

Offers a ‘Self-Serve’ connection method professionals to meet each other, replacing or eliminating the need for you to manually facilitate 1-on-1 connections manually to maintain engagement your group engagement.

Continuous Data Backup

Backup all of your email contacts, follower data, and export via excel file – Nebii is ‘insurance’ for your network so you never lose touch.


See your network’s engagement in real-time.

Group Moderation

Manage, add, and remove members easily.

Email List Management

Access your entire Network Contacts without duplicates and see where your members came from. 

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Friendly

  • Designed for the ‘Organizer On The Go’, Easily communicate with your network  anytime, anywhere in the world via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Network Growth Automation

Easily grow your network through referrals automatically. The more leads members generate from your groups, the more your network grows through word of mouth referrals .

Group and Individual Messaging : Organizer Software

Allows you to message your entire network or with individual members using our organizer email feature.

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