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so everyone winds in creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Nebii Features

Expand your network and increase your social group engagement with Nebii Today.

Here are some of the most exciting, patent pending features Nebii Tool provides:


Personalized member auto-matching by email for your Professional Network based what your users are looking for.


Feature-Packed Admin Panel that shows engagement metrics such as leads, matches between members, and more.

Backup Member Data

Backup and export your member data automatically so you never lose touch with your followers.

Phone and Email Support

Receive Personalized Onboarding, Training and Setup Support via Phone or Email.


We offer a Gamified User Rating System that incentivizes your followers to increase engagement.


Import your email list into our software (Patent Pending) to expand your network and to be able to invite others to join your groups.

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List of Key Benefits

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Expand your network with Nebii

Get more leads for yourself and others

Organizers can simply host a networking group or they can host and choose to jump in at any time and network with your own membership pool .

Save Time & Money

Allow your followers to auto-engage with each other, thus reducing the amount of time you spend host networking events or happy hours, or keeping your network warm.

Goodwill Increase

Followers in your network that find a lead or valuable connection will remember and appreciate where their gift came from thus increasing Goodwill and trust.

Increase Group Engagement

Personalized Member-to-Member Matches. Provide all your groups with valuable networking and matching services based what your users say they are looking for (Patent Pending)Provide High Quality Matching to your Group of Professionals 24/7 with 1 click.

Keep your Contact List Safe

You finally get peace of mind knowing you can download a backup copy of emails from your members (Patent Pending). It’s nice to know that if you ever get separated from your online social group you can still keep in touch with the network you worked hard to build.

Keep your network coming back to you

Stand out  and Gain the competitive advantage over other networking groups by giving your followers access to professionals in your private personal network.

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