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`Our mission is to change the way people network."
- Matthew Winters
President & CEO of Nebii.com

The Nebii Tool is a product owed by Austin Visuals. In 2014 Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio worked with the Brand Culture-FX (Patent Pending). Austin Visuals and Culture-FX teamed up in 2014 as a way to connect Austin across the professional landscape. Austin Visuals would often Sponsor events hosted by the Culture-FX Team. These professional events served as a way to bring like-minded professionals together to help connect Professionals and Entrepreneurs connect with other like-minded individuals within the local Austin TX area.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, the Culture-FX brand currently has a membership network of over 30,000 professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, C-Level Executives, and Avid Networking Types. Culture-FX always seeks new and innovative ways to keep its members connected and developing their businesses.

In 2017, Austin Visuals came up with a new way to automate the in person networking process through use of a software design. The thought at that time was, everyone is always in need of or looking for something. Usually people find a resource they are searching for through their own community. Needs of individuals on a professional level can range from where is my next job to who is looking to buy my service. Usually within a community, someone's 1st or 2nd degree contacts have access to what the other person is looking for, be it business leads, support, resources, information etc. With this in mind, it usually takes entrepreneurs years of attending mixers and filtering through a random assortment of people so they can meet 'the right' individuals that will help support their business and career goals. Further, if you are a typical entrepreneur working on a new startup you'll need to meet the Right C.P.A., Lawyer, Co-founders, and Investors just to get your business off the ground. All of this networking takes people a lot of time. So Austin Visuals worked with Culture-FX to develop a software that solves this very problem and saves people lots of time and money.

Culture-FX exists to help Professionals build relationships and connect with others to help professionals achieve their business goals, increase revenues, get connected to help a professional or business reach their fullest potential. It was a natural evolution for Culture-FX and Austin Visuals to work together to develop the Common Ground Match Tool software product which helps people put their Networking on Automatic.

The Nebii Tool enables its members to take advantage of an abundance of powerful connections – all at the click of a button.

Our Nebii tool helps people find valuable leads for their business, network with other local professionals, meet local founders, exchange ideas, get feedback for your business ideas, meet business partners, and much more.

It's about time we put some of the search to find ' The Right Person within our Network' on Automatic. Join us in our mission to build a stronger business community environment. If you know of someone that could benefit by using our Tool, please share this website with them and help us spread the word.

- Let's keep the world Connected.
Nebii Team

Matthew Winters My Network Builder

Matthew Winters


Matthew Winters is the founder, president and CEO of Culture-FX. He is also the owner of other businesses including Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, a Full-Service 2D & 3D animation studio, advertising agency, and video production studio. Matthew is dedicated to providing solutions to social and technology related issues in the industry. Matthew has an extensive technical and artistic background. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and was awarded a BFA in Visual Effects. He also attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas contributing to award-winning team projects in Computer Science.

Matthew has led teams to create high quality animation and compelling graphics for companies such as The Smithsonian, The Discovery Channel, NASA, and The Hong Kong Government. Matthew continues to his mission to bring high-quality people together looking for connection and knowledge in business, and today is the Founding Managing Director of the Culture-FX and the Nebii Tool.