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How much time does Nebii take to setup and maintain?

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Great Question! Overall for all users it takes about 2 minutes to sign up and another 2 minutes to create a new networking group.  For organizers to maintain their Wievu group it should take about 1-2 hours each month. Expected Maintenance includes the following recommendations :

– Send regular welcome emails to your followers. Once a month or every two weeks you can start off with, then increase or decrease the organizer to member emails based on feedback.

– Group Moderation. Sometimes new users have feedback how to improve the software, want to share their networking experience with the organizer within the software. Sometimes Organizers need to pause, or delete users.

– We recommend you message your members occasionally and get feedback how their experience networking within your group is going. Take appropriate action on user feedback.

– Finally, we recommend you test your own member’s experience on occasion. You can check the registration page to your group. Sometimes reading over your group description will reveal language used that may be unclear. Any unclear group descriptions could lead to lowering your new member registration rates. Keeping the group description clear and short sometimes is best.

More Details of how that breaks down.

On average a new member takes about 2.5 minutes to sign up, a new organizer takes about 8 minutes to sign up and create a new group. Each additional group that the organizer creates with Wievu takes about 2 minutes to setup.

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