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How Do I Use Nebii for My Network?

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About Nebii

Nebii was built from the ground up with Organizers in mind. At this time is one of the only tools on the market that can be your email list, give you a backup of your contacts, and also be a community organizer tool.

Nebii is not a network of professionals that you join. It is a software that allows you to consolidate the network you already have into 1 place. Once all of your members are in one place, Nebii allows you to continue to communicate with your members using our email organizer tools.

How to Use Nebii for Your Network

You can generate a link to your matching group through Nebii. It is suggested that you name your Nebii Group the same name as 1 of the groups in your existing social network that you wish to have network with each other. For example if you had a group that was named ‘Professional Events and Mixers’ then you should also name your Nebii group the same name. You should do this so that everyone from this 1 group knows they are meeting and matching only with people from this particular group.

For Advanced users you can use the Nebii Link in the following ways:

  • Use 1 link for your entire Network across multiple social groups, or you can use this link for an email list.
  • You can also use 1 Nebii link to connect segmented groups from within your network. For example, let’s say you had an email list of 3,000 professionals. You could segment or filter your email list until you had a list of Business Owners. Then if you wanted all the business owners in your network to meet each other, you would email only these people 1 unique Nebii Group link. Then you would email a separate group link for all of the rest of your contacts.

Once you have generated a link for your Network. You will simply encourage your followers to join the matching system by clicking on the link you provide them, so they can start meeting people and making more personal connections. You may have to pin your post to your group or put this announcement in a place where all your members can always see it. For example in a group, there is a welcome email that is automatically sent out to each joining member of your network, this would be a perfect place to encourage people to join your Nebii Network. For Facebook groups you can pin your announcement at the top of your group so new members will see this message. For groups or email lists that do not have this ability, you can either put a Nebii Link in your online group description, or you can continue to message your members or talk about people joining the network until a majority of your followers feel compelled to check it out.

Once members are in your network, incentivize all your members to join the matching network you’ve created. You can run contests for which member has the highest profile rating within a certain period of time, or run contests and award prizes to members that network the most, or give something away that the member can only find out how to get the prize if they join your Nebii group. You can also award prizes, create incentives for members when you the organizer join your own matching network. Members that match with you, you could award them some kind of mystery prize or offer. Of course incentives given to members to network or as encouragement for joining is not a requirement to have Nebii work, but it can help accelerate the enthusiasm for the service you are providing the group.

Networking is important for people gain friends, sales for their business, build a powerful network of influential professionals, so make it fun for your followers to join, mix, and mingle.

Category Editing – Creating a Custom Matching Network

This topic really deserves it’s own article. We will provide a link here if we create a more detailed article on this subject.

You can create custom matching networks when you edit the default Nebii categories. Keep in mind that if you create a custom group, the group you create will automatically not be eligible for future global updates from Nebii. This just means any adjustments we make to the way our system operates, we will be focusing on making adjustments and improvements to non-customized Nebii Groups. If we improve the design or user interface your group will still get the benefit from these improvements.

The default Nebii categories allow for groups to match assuming the group is coming from a broad random assortment of professionals. Nebii provides a filter, so you don’t have to meet everyone in a group. The matching filter assumes you have a broad association and helps you to narrow this association down to bring you more relevancy in what you are looking for and who you are looking to meet.

Keeping this in mind, you can create your own categories for your group. You can get creative with this, you can place Nebii in a group of Lawyers and then have categories for specific kinds of lawyers to meet each other. Here are some additional examples of how you can use custom categories:

  • Provide more specific categories for specialist groups. For example you can use this system to pair specific kinds of doctors together in a Doctor group on Facebook.
  • Pair people based on skill : Maybe you run a Video Production Business and you have a large network of video production artists in a network. You can make categories for them to meet such as Video Production, Illustrators, Storyboard Artists, Sound Engineers, etc. With these categories, people within a network could get to know other like-minded professionals.
  • Pair people bases on interests : You can insert interests like wine, travel, fishing, dating, cooking,
  • Pair people based on personalities : You can create different kind of categories for personality types and people that want to meet certain kinds of people based on the selection of personality type options you provide, they could meet in this way.
  • Customize your group in order to add new categories to the existing Nebii list. For example maybe the default Nebii categories don’t quite work for your specific group’s needs. With Nebii if your group mentions they are in need of a matching category then you can always go back into your group settings and add a new category to the existing default list. And example of why you would want to do this, let’s say you have a general broad range of occupations represented in your professional networking group, but you happen to have a disproportionate amount of 1 kind of occupation in your group. Let’s suppose you have 85% evenly dispersed occupations and 15% are insurance agents. This would be a case where the default categories Nebii provides to match professionals together works pretty well but in this case you may need more specific kinds of categories for insurance agents. So you would get feedback from your group to find out what categories need to be added, then customize your group’s categorize to add, edit, or remove matching categories for your group as needed.

You can email us using the ‘contact us’ form if you have additional questions about how to use Nebii.

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