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Custom Categories

Wievu allows you to host a network of professionals that where individuals are paired using our email based matching system to pair two people together that are looking for each other’s services. To pair the correct people together our default software configuration lists categories that contain a broad range of skills and professions. What if the default categories are not adequate for your group’s needs? What if you need to add additional categories? Or What if you want to experiment and match your followers based on non-professional or more specific criteria? Then you will need our Custom Categories Feature to address these needs.

You will most likely need to add an additional matching category to the default list if several of your followers within your group suggest they are not represented by the default category.

To Add\Edit\Remove a category :

Login > Select Dashboard > Go to your Group’s Name and Click > Once in the edit group area you will select ‘Skills’ > It is here you can edit your matching categories including adding a category.

**Please keep in mind once you edit the default list, your group will be immediately and irreversibly excluded from participating in future global Wievu Updates. When you try to edit your categories you will get a popup notification reminding you about this. All this means is that special programs we run or events will only be accessible for groups that have not edited their default categories. All the major functionality you expect from Wievu will be present whether or not you edit your categories. If you edit your categories since the global group participation feature will be disabled forever upon editing the categories, then the only way to include your group in our global updates would be to start a new group and have everyone join a new group. If you need to do this, assuming all of your followers were already in 1 group of yours at the time of the migration, this will be an easy process for members to join a new group. You would make a new group and tell everyone to join the new link. They will be able to join in a few clicks and won’t need to re enter their profile information to join your new group.


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