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Halloween 2022 In Austin

By September 14, 2022September 19th, 2022Professional Networking, Public Groups
Halloween 2022 In Austin

Halloween events in Austin

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween in 2022 at Austin Texas? Check out some of the amazing Halloween events in Austin! From spooky haunted houses to night-time concerts, there is something for everyone to enjoy this Halloween season. So if you are, If you’re looking for Halloween events in Austin, there are plenty to choose from. You can find events all around the city, including at some of the most popular tourist destinations. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more low-key, you can check out some of the local Halloween celebrations. Whatever you choose, be sure to have a fun time!


Spooky Halloween events in Austin

If you’re looking for a truly haunted experience this Halloween, consider checking out one of the many spooky events taking place in Austin. Here are just a few of the highlights:

-The Haunted Mansion at The Domain is open until 7pm on October 31st and features live music, scary games and more!
-The Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a “Scream Fest” from 7pm-10pm on October 31st with screenings of horror movies such as “The Haunting in Connecticut” and “Friday the 13th.”
-The Long Center for the Performing Arts is hosting a haunted house party from 7pm-11pm on October 31st. Admission is free and there will be food and drink available for purchase.
-And finally, the Austin Film Society is hosting an all-day screening of classic horror movies beginning at 1pm on October 31st. This includes classics such as “Night of the Living Dead” and “Halloween.”

How to celebrate Halloween in Austin

If you’re looking for a little Halloween fun in Austin, check out some of the city’s best events! Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Head to the State Capitol for a spook-tacular costume parade and trick-or-treating on the lawn. This event is free and open to all ages, and takes place on Saturday, October 27 from 6pm-8pm.

2. Take a walk through downtown Austin on Halloween night and enjoy festive decor, live music, and lots of scary surprises along the way. This self-guided walking tour begins at Auditorium Shores and lasts around 90 minutes.

3. Check out one of Austin’s many haunted houses this Halloween season. From family-friendly haunts like The Manor to more intense experiences like Nightmare on Sixth Street, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Prices vary depending on the attraction, but most Haunted Houses run between $15-$25 per person.

4. Watch some classic horror movies under the midnight moonlight at one of Austin’s many outdoor theaters. AMC Loews Theatres – Downtown, Alamo Drafthouse – South Lamar, and Regal Village East – Midtown are all

Easy Halloween party ideas in Austin

Looking for some easy Halloween party ideas in Austin? No problem! Here are five fun and spooky activities to get your guests involved:

1. Make a haunted house out of some empty boxes or cans. Just add some black clothes, fake blood, and creepy sound effects to create the perfect eerie setting.

2. Set up a haunted hunt around the neighborhood. Invite your guests to follow clues hidden around the area while avoiding spooky apparitions. The more participants who find the clues, the more points they earn!

3. Have a costume contest. Let your guests register online or at the party itself, then crown a winner based on how creative and hilarious their costume is. Bonus points if it includes aAustin local landmark!

4. Get everyone in on a game of “Guess Who?” Take turns picking someone else in the group to be the target until someone guesses correctly. It’s an excellent way to build team spirit and have some fun along the way.

5. Host a pumpkin carving contest. Encourage everyone to bring their best carving skills out for show and tell (and maybe even win some extra

Scary Halloween costumes for adults in Austin

If you’re looking for some truly spook-tacular costumes for your Halloween party, look no further than Austin. Here are five of the most frightful outfits you’ll ever see:

1. Witch – If you want to terrify your guests, go as a witch! This costume is classic and easy to put together – all you need is a dress, hat, and broom.

2. Ghost – Another classic costume, a ghost is perfect for anyone who wants to make a serious impression on their friends and family this Halloween. You can buy all the supplies you need at any store or online, and incorporating some spooky makeup will really set the mood.

3. Dracula – If you’re looking to be truly evil this Halloween, go as Dracula! This costume isn’t as easy to put together as some of the others on this list, but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll need a full suit including a cape and boots, and make sure to get your face painted appropriately.

4. Frankenstein – This classic costume is perfect if you want to strike fear into your guests’ hearts! You’ll need a blood-spattered lab coat and some fake stitches, and make sure

Halloween activities to do in Austin

If you’re looking for some spooky fun this Halloween, check out the list of events below! From haunted houses to costume contests, there’s something for everyone in Austin.

Haunted Houses:
The Texas Fear Factory – This haunted house is located in the heart of downtown Austin and is perfect for families with kids. There’s something for everyone – from jump scares to mazes filled with creepy critters. Admission is cheap ($10 per person), and it’s always open.


The Dark Manor – If you’re looking for something more intense, The Dark Manor is the place to be. With a maze that twists and turns like no other, this haunted house will leave you screaming. It’s also one of the only places in town that offers VIP tickets, which include access to an entirely separate area of the mansion filled with even more scares. Tickets cost $25 per person.

Skeleton Crew Haunted House – Located just outside of town in Dripping Springs, Skeleton Crew is another great option for those looking for a truly terrifying experience. The mansion has been completely renovated and features all new props and animatronics, making it one of the most realistic haunted houses in town. Admission costs $



If you’re looking for events to celebrate Halloween in Austin, there are plenty of options available. From spooky pumpkin patches to costume contests, there is sure to be something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some fun this Halloween!


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