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Network Growth Automation

Network Growth Automation Platforms

Network Growth Automation

Choosing the right automation platform is essential to achieving a successful Network Growth Automation initiative. An appropriate automation platform should align with your existing IT technologies and business processes. This will enable it to integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions. In fact, 70% of enterprises struggle with network automation initiatives due to a siloed approach to tool acquisition. These approaches can leave significant gaps in overall operations. Consider the following factors to find the right automation platform for your organization.

Level 4 Network Automation Maturity

Achieving level 4 network automation maturity requires continuous monitoring and management. It helps prevent problems before they arise by acting as a single source of truth. This also enforces in-production conditions and runs detection tests continuously in the background. It is a strategic approach to reducing service tasks and improving network performance. Read on to discover the benefits of network automation and how it can improve the way your network operates. Here are some examples of network automation:

This level of automation allows you to scale operational tasks. Increasing automation can accelerate your strategic operational plan and increase your ability to innovate faster. It can even be implemented without a day-one requirement. The key to reaching level 4 is leveraging subject matter expertise to solve problems. Automation is a way to capture subject-matter-expert knowledge, execute it, and share it. The more you automate, the better! At Level 4, your network will be self-driving.

Benefits of Automated Network Management

Automation has many benefits for network managers. It increases business agility and competitive advantage by shortening the time it takes to see improvements. That competitive advantage, in turn, drives the bottom line. Juniper Networks is one company that has revolutionized network automation. Their award-winning software has helped thousands of businesses adapt to their changing needs. Learn more about the benefits of network automation below. And don’t forget to download their free trial software!

With the increasing complexity of networks, budget-conscious management needs to make sure that their networks are cost-effective and reliable. Human error can lead to mistakes when setting up a network, and Cisco estimates that ninety-five percent of network changes are made manually. Automated network management can eliminate human error and give managers real-time reactions to seemingly simple problems. Automated network management consists of several distinct processes. Performance monitoring and environment automation are key elements of network operation. Network analytics, on the other hand, utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to analyze network metadata.

Key Players in the Market

The global network growth automation market is divided into several segments. The report provides comprehensive analysis of the leading vendors operating in this market. It focuses on the financial statements of the major players in the market and other crucial developments in the network automation market. It includes SWOT analysis and product benchmarking. This also includes company profiles, which provide detailed information about the business operations and financial position of the companies in the market. The report offers a custom version of the report to cater to the needs of the clients.

The growing demand for network automation is attributed to the increasing number of connected devices and the use of cloud technologies. As the network traffic is increasing due to the development of data-driven systems, it has become essential for enterprises to adopt network automation tools. They also help in reducing the costs of operation. Further, network automation tools help companies increase their overall productivity, thereby helping them improve their bottom-line. However, the market for network automation tools is highly competitive, as new players have entered the market.

Change Management

Good change management relies on automation to speed up implementation and increase service levels. Although many tools provide automation for change management, larger firms, such as BMC Software, CA, HP, and IBM, are better positioned to offer end-to-end capabilities. They can automate the entire change management process, from planning to rollout. To make sure your change management tools provide the best automation, choose one that integrates with other software applications.

Communication is one area where many organizations fail. Although they communicate their value to customers, they often struggle to communicate the changes to internal stakeholders. Without consistent communication, key stakeholders may not be informed or missed follow-ups. Effective change management plans should include clear, consistent communication across all channels. Successful communication should include essential details, in-person communication, and opportunities for employees to voice their concerns. It should also be able to increase productivity and efficiency.

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