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Nebii Update

By April 25, 2019August 6th, 2019Professional Networking
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Nebii Update


Update 4-24-2019:

We are excited that so many people are enjoying our service. We are in development of several new and exciting features. We like to keep our customers up to date so we will discuss the most recent updates to our platform here.

In App Matching

Once you match with another member, you will soon be able to review your matches from within the Nebii web app.

Organizer Signature

Coming in the next week or two, you will notice at the bottom of your match emails, you will see the following:

  1. A photo of your organizer
  2. Links to the organizer’s website ( if any )
  3. A link to the Organizer’s LinkedIn Profile
  4. A tag line about what the organizer does.

This is a powerful organizer branding feature. What this is does it reminds everyone in your network who the organizer is, what they do, and keeps the organizer and their brand top of mind continuously, thus cutting through the noise in today’s world where so much digital content is consumed. This feature will help keep members of the organizer’s tribe closer to them, thus creating a closer community. This will be one of the key features of Nebii as a Community Building tool for social lead generation.



Future Updates


Exploring Blockchain Currency


We are currently working on ways to make the Networking experience fun and exciting. We are working on exploring features like this where members could get rewards verified by the blockchain. We haven’t explored if we are going to release our own cryptocurrency token or if members will get rewarded with tokens or to what degree members could spend them for real world rewards, but this idea is currently under development.

What we can say is that our members should try to accumulate as much currency as they can in the beginning upon release of the in-app coins. Those accumulations will pay-off in a big way later in your Nebii experience.


Thank you for reading our Nebii Update article. Stay tuned for our next updates. – Matt Winters, President and CEO of