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Nebii Promo Video

By April 23, 2019November 5th, 2020Professional Networking
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Wievu Launches Promo Video

Here’s a New Software that helps you Network.

Wievu Launches its latest Promo Video on our youtube channel here

You can view our promo video below.

Our Mission : We continue moving our mission forward to fundamentally change the way people network for business and making deals.

If you haven’t already joined a Wievu group you can join any or all of our groups here.


Wievu is a Next Generation Networking Software Application that helps you build your community faster than ever before.
One of the fundamental challenges with community building is the ability to bring people together, then message a mass amount of followers at once.


Additional Wievu Announcements :

We have continued to improve our product and add new features. Some features that we recently introduced to the Wievu platform are

  • Customized Registration Form Process
  • Improved Registration User Experience
  • Improved our Matchmaking Algorithm
  • Expanded our group reach outside of Austin, to offer Wievu to all Major U.S. Cities Plus we created an international group for those interested
    in doing business with English Speaking professionals Internationally.
  • Onboarded hundreds of new members in the past month.

If you have any questions about our system, or for any press inquiries email


Thank you for supporting our Software growth. Share a Wievu group with a friend today. Our success depends on your support and enthusiasm for our product.

– Sincerely, – Matt Winters – President and CEO of