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How do I turn off or adjust my email notifications?

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Each Wievu group a member joins, will automatically be subscribed to getting an email notification when they have a match to review. Upon joining a new group, each member also opts-in for Organizer Announcements by default.

What if you want to turn off all your Emails from Wievu for a short period of time?

To do this > Login > Go to Notifications > Adjust your settings

In the notification area we have a feature we internally refer to as ‘Flow Control’ because there are options in the notification area that allows you to control the flow of emails by turning on/off specific groups or by giving one group a priority.

In the notification area, there is a check box letting you know that you are currently receiving emails from activity in the group you signed up with. Uncheck this box if you wish to ‘take a break’ from emails from 1 particular member.

At this time our users will be getting 2 matches per week. With this said if you have 3 or more groups then we have a special algorithm that determines the best possible match in these situations.


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