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How to Make a Virtual Conference Engaging

By July 8, 2022Public Groups

How to Make a Virtual Conference Engaging

how to make a virtual conference engaging

How to make a virtual conference engaging requires more than just a great host and a well-planned agenda. To engage your audience, your speakers should be able to connect with them. Speakers who lack the ability to engage the audience will lose their audience’s attention quickly. To get the most from your speakers, choose speakers with experience in virtual events. Here are some tips on choosing speakers for virtual events. If you’re having trouble choosing the right speakers for your virtual conference, read on!


If you are hosting a virtual conference, gamification can be a great way to make it more exciting. Gamification involves creating fun games that participants can play and win prizes. Whether it is a virtual party, VIP access to the event, or private meetings with a keynote speaker, gamification can add a new dimension to your conference. This will motivate attendees to interact with the content and get involved in the game.

There are many ways to implement gamification in a virtual event. The options are endless! Some ideas to try include surveys, polls, and leaderboards. These will help you collect information about what your audience wants to know, and can be used as a reward system for the participants. You can even create an entirely new event, using gamification techniques. However, it is important to remember that you must be careful to avoid creating a virtual game that could be abused.

Activity Feeds

The power of social media can be used to engage your virtual conference participants. Activity feeds can spark post ideas for attendees and provide insight into how the event is shaping up. Activity Feeds are a great way for remote participants to engage with each other and the event’s organizers. These features will also make your virtual conference more interactive for participants. If you want your virtual conference to be successful, you need to make sure that your learners pay attention and understand the details of the conference.

For instance, polls can be an excellent way to determine your audience’s prior knowledge and interests. By tracking responses, you can customize content accordingly. Activity feeds are commonly used to consolidate social updates and encourage interaction. You can also ask questions to encourage attendees to participate in interactive chat. These are a few ideas to keep in mind when planning your next virtual conference. You can also incorporate interactive features like polls and activity feeds into your conference app.

Q&A Sessions

Keeping the virtual conference engaging can be as simple as asking questions in a Q&A session. This type of interaction can get people chatting early on. Also, a Q&A session can be an excellent opportunity to talk about bonus structures or personal development. Ensure you have prepared answers for questions that come your way. After the virtual conference, follow up with your audience. They’ll appreciate the chance to ask more questions and help you deliver more value to your audience.

Having a Q&A session is one of the most important aspects of your virtual conference. Not only will it make it engaging, but it will also make it easier to manage. While raising hands may be the most popular method of gathering questions, it’s far from efficient. Also, a Q&A session can be more engaging if you have a moderator who moderates questions. A moderator can ensure that questions are relevant and concise.


Using leaderboards in a virtual conference can boost engagement significantly. They give attendees an incentive to interact with conference assets such as speaker sessions, sponsor booths, and live chat. Whether the assets are games or other types of content, gamification can encourage attendees to complete missions to accumulate points. Some of the missions may be as simple as adding a personal schedule to your calendar or beefing up your professional profile. Some Leaderboards even offer prizes to the top scorers of the event.

One great use of gamification in a virtual conference is the leaderboard. Not only does it encourage attendees to engage, but it also encourages them to participate. A leaderboard can be used for networking events, and the highest scoring participants can win prizes or bragging rights. Alternatively, a leaderboard can be used to create a scavenger hunt that leads attendees around your virtual venue. Along with clues, you can create a leaderboard and pre-define rewards for those who earn the most points.

Room With a View

A room with a window is a fun, interactive way to make a virtual conference more interesting. Instead of sitting in a boring cubicle, people can use a screen with a picture of something they’re interested in. You can even incorporate a camera into the room to capture window views. One tip for a room with a view is to invite attendees to share pictures they take from their windows.

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