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By June 21, 2022Professional Networking

Four Examples of Community Apps in the UK

community apps uk

Community apps UK are becoming more popular as people seek to meet new people and build their social networks. These apps help people find other people who share common interests, and they can also provide support and friendship for one another. Some examples of community apps are Nextdoor, Path Community, and RPlace. Some people even use them to organize a local neighbourhood watch. But not everyone knows how to use them to meet people. Here are four examples:


While it can be a godsend for people who are in need, the Nextdoor community apps can also be a dangerous place for misinformation. Although it relies on its users to help maintain the community’s integrity, Nextdoor reminds its users to be careful in what they post. In addition, the platform is not moderated. That means that you can easily stumble upon offensive posts that may spread harmful information. Here are some ways Nextdoor can prevent this from happening.

Once you’ve installed Nextdoor, you can begin chatting with your neighbors. Like Facebook, you can respond to any posts made by your neighbors by tapping a “Thank” button. You’ll also need to prove your residency to get started. Unlike Facebook, Nextdoor’s community is real, so if you encounter a stranger who doesn’t live in your neighborhood, you can “mute” them or remove their posts. However, this feature isn’t permanent and you can’t force them to move.

Path Community

The Path Community app was developed by Harry Mead, a retired software engineer, and is free to download. It encourages crowdsourced safe routes home. Users can flag unlit or unsafe sections of streets, and share them with others. The app also allows users to link with a group of guardians, or one friend, who can alert emergency services of the user’s location in case of an emergency.

The Path Community app was first trialed in Lambeth, South London, by 500 people, including police officers. The app will launch officially in December 2021. It will also soon launch a feature that helps keep women safe while dating. However, it doesn’t address the underlying problem of men sexually assaulting women. In fact, the app violates women’s privacy and insults them. Although the app’s developers say the app was created in response to Sarah Everard’s death, it doesn’t tackle the problem of violence against women and is insulting to women.


RPlace is a new community app for the UK, designed to allow young people to rate and share their experiences and thoughts about their communities. It’s a free app developed by the HAPPEN Network, a research centre at Swansea University Medical School. Young people can add pictures and rate places to make the community better. These reviews are shared with local councils, charities, and police to improve the area.

Originally, r/Place was a microcosm of the internet, a place where people can come together to discuss the issues of the day. The application featured a flickering purple square in the upper left corner, a battle between the Blue Empire and the Red Empire, and graffiti art depicting the 9/11 attack as an inside job, with the word “anime” in place of “an” in the words. Its popularity eventually grew and was quickly adopted throughout the world.

Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch community app is a great way to keep an eye on your surroundings and alert other nearby neighbors to security problems. You can sign up using your Facebook or email address to automatically join neighborhood groups. You can also opt not to share your phone number. This is a great way to stay safe while on the move. The app also helps you to keep an eye on the local neighborhood events. With an active community, you can even use the app to report suspicious activity.

There are a number of downsides to surveillance. These technologies often empower those who already have power and disenfranchise those who lack it. Minority communities have long been targets of higher surveillance rates and more punitive attitudes from the justice system. While a neighbourhood app can improve neighborhood security, its unintended consequences can make communities feel unsafe and threatened. For example, a report by Vice revealed that most of the suspicious individuals were people of colour.

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