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Best Online Communities for Sales Development

By July 9, 2022Public Groups

How to Choose the Best Online Communities for Sales Development

Best Online Communities for Sales Development

There are many different types of online communities for sales development, so how do you choose the best one for your business? Here are some examples: Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and NASP. You’ll find some tips for each of these communities below. You can also check out our blog for tips and advice. You’ll also learn about the latest trends in sales development, and how to maximize your results. Ultimately, your sales development success will depend on your ability to connect with a community of like-minded individuals.


If you are looking for an online community for your sales development strategy, you have probably come across Reddit. While it is a social network, this website is much more than that. It has many different communities that cover all sorts of topics. While some of these communities are less savory, the more established ones have evolved to be more wholesome. There are also several left-field communities that host content that many brands don’t want to associate with. Nevertheless, if you’ve never joined Reddit before, you’ll find it a valuable tool for sales development.

As an added bonus, Reddit has a constantly updated community. That means that there’s no shortage of relevant content for people looking to improve their lives. Plus, you can build your personal brand and establish yourself as an authority within the niche. By creating a presence in Reddit, you’ll also attract a whole new audience and build your authority in the industry. But how do you get started?


A Facebook online community is great for building your customer base, but there are some drawbacks to creating a community on Facebook. First, you might find that members are not very engaged. Secondly, you might find that information you post in the community is used inappropriately. Last year, a hashtag trended – #deletefacebook. Although it is still widely used, each new scandal makes people think twice about using the social networking site. In fact, Facebook has lost 15 million users in the past two years.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to create a private group where members of your community can interact. Not only will this allow you to attract more potential customers, it will also give you a place to talk with like-minded people. For instance, creating a Facebook group can boost your authority by bringing together people who share the same interests. In this way, you can initiate relationships with these people. Then, you can invite them to your group.


If you want to maximize your sales team’s productivity, you should consider using Discord as your sales development tool. Its community feature allows you to create and manage multiple groups and assign roles to individual members. You can even organize company-wide announcements and chat channels. To avoid spamming, Discord requires that you create a customized invite link for your community. Discord also has strict rules on usage. In 2020, the platform banned over 4 million accounts due to spamming and other infractions.

Discord is a great place to build a community, and it is expanding beyond the gaming community. In 2020, it underwent a major redesign, removing the gaming jargon from the homepage and changing the tagline to “Your place to talk and hang out”. It isn’t just a place for gamers, though. Other communities have taken advantage of Discord’s monetization potential.


The National Association of Sales Professionals is the world’s largest online community dedicated to sales development. This organization’s programs and services have earned it the trust of sales professionals in countless industries. Among the benefits of NASP membership are free programs, tools, and career resources. Additionally, members have access to thought leaders and weekly webinars. The network is a great way to create a professional network of like-minded individuals.

AA-ISP – This global network has over a thousand members and is dedicated to the advancement of inbound and virtual sales. This group offers high-quality resources, including virtual sales training programs and local chapters. While student membership is free, professional and corporate memberships range in price from $60 to $15,000, depending on your team size. If you’re interested in joining the organization, check out their website or join the BrainTrust sales forum.

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