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Alternatives to Mighty Networks

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Are you looking for software alternatives to Mighty Networks? Consider Nebii, a private Social Network for your contacts.

Mighty Networks is a great tool that can help you do many things such as managing your social network. You may find that it lacks an ability for you to customize this software to fit your specific needs. Other people are disappointed that the functionality within Mighty Networks is not refined. There are lots of bugs in the system because they are a new software. Newer softwares not only have bugs but also have security and data vulnerabilities. Newer softwares get hacked and some people may not want to trust their important contacts to a young software company.


Nebii is a great software alternative to Mighty Networks. This software has been around for several years and has established trust with many businesses and individuals. Nebii helps organizers organize their contacts, host events, and facilitate introductions between members. Nebii’s programming team has some of the best security features on it, and was developed by a team that has a long standing history on working on high security projects so you can rest assured your contact information will remain safe. Nebii also has a quickly evolving feature set, we are adding new features to our software all the time every month, to help you organize your contacts better, more quickly, and more efficiently.

One of the biggest challenges of being an organizer is managing and recalling contacts from a variety of sources that often have all different kinds of datatypes associated with it. It’s often a community builder and organizer’s dream to be able to manage all of your contacts in one place, deploy events, and also take notes but visually segment your contacts into lists. This is where Nebii shines. It helps you manage your personal, professional, and social contacts into one place. You can communicate with everyone in one easy to access place. Nebii was also designed with mobile first in mind. This means you can be on the go and still have access to 100% of all the functions you would have on the desktop version. It’s really frustrating when you’re an organizer and you want to deploy an event, you’re out in the city, but you know you have to drive all the way home to get to a desktop computer just to access a specific tool to manage your event or online group. At Nebii we’ve kept in mind as we designed this software from the ground up, you’re busy, and you’re on the go so we’ve designed our software so you don’t have to hunt around for tools and you can see all your contacts in one spot.

Nebii is great with hosting events. In fact, you can see a list of events we host weekly here


If you’re considering software alternatives to Mighty Networks, we hope you consider Nebii, but coming into a close 2nd is Meetup is a great software tool. It just isn’t as customizable as Nebii. Meetup also tends to censor groups and content a fair amount. Many groups, businesses, organizations, and individuals are turning to Nebii to organize their contacts so they won’t need to deal with large social networks censoring their messages, content, or censoring their contacts. Nebii still adhere’s to local, state, and national laws; however, we believe in privacy first, they are your contacts, so we don’t sell your data, we allow you to access it at any time, and we feel that some large social networks are too agressive with censorships. They will ban, delete accounts, groups, comments, and even read private messages. Nebii doesn’t do that. So if you’re ready for a private alternative where you’re taking back control over your data, contacts, and communications. Try Nebii. Get started today by visiting or email us at