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6 Best Sites Like Meetup Alternatives

By April 22, 2019August 31st, 2019Professional Networking

You may be looking for an alternative to Look no further. We have compiled a list of Meetup alternatives. No matter the reason, it is nice to be aware of the Meetup Alternatives that
exist. Each platform has unique strengths so it is best to do your research.

1. Nebii



Nebii is one of the best alternatives to meetup, Nebii was created by group organizers, for group organizers. It functions as a CRM + Social Network + Community Building platform. It offers private groups for your followers. Simply invite all or some of your contacts or online followers to your Nebii Group. Nebii allows a group of people with similar interests to get introduced to each through a savvy computer algorithm via email introductions. As an organizer you can host events, email your audience just like meetup. Difference is, Nebii looks for commonalities between your members, then emails the two members suggesting they should meet. Multiply this behavior times your entire network, now this makes it easier and faster to grow an engaged community. You can create Mailing lists, and see all of your contacts in a membership directory and best of all you can export your contacts so you can ‘backup’ your network. Afterall it is your Network you built, you should be able to always stay in touch with your audience. Nebii is considered the Business Alternative to Nebii is customizable so you can run a business group that matches professionals based on business need in one channel and in a completely separate channel run a separate channel that matches people based on similar interests. If you’re a member that signs up to a Nebii Group, members simply type in what they are looking for and the software will email introduce or connect the two people together bases on similar interests or needs.

Want to learn more? Visit :

Want to start a Group or view Pricing Info ? Visit :


2. Groupspaces

Groupspaces logo


Group Spaces is an interesting alternative to Meetup. Groupspaces functions as a group planning and event website. Load your contacts into Groupspaces and you are ready to go. Groupspaces allows you to create custom mailing lists, groups and more. With group spaces, you can even create custom Facebook Events.

3. Smacktive

Smacktive logo

Smacktive is an app that is very similar to Meetup. Smacktive allows you to post and attract others in your area that want to do what you’re interested in doing. Smacktive focuses more on spontaneous meetings and gathering with people vs Meetup requires gathering people with more planning.


MEETin logo


MeetIn, Similar like meetup is on a mission to bring like-minded people together. The difference with this software is that is entirely run by volunteers. As a result you never or rarely pay fees. Check it out.

5.  Foursquare

Foursquare logo


Foursquare is another meetup alternative. Four square allows you to find shops, and things to do. Foursquare allows you to make groups. And you can see reviews left by others around town.

Check it out.

6. CitySocializer

Citysocializer logo


CitySocializer is a social media app that is another great alternative to As you attend more events you’ll be invited to more events. In this way your community will grow quickly. Citysocializer is certainly an innovative and interesting way to grow your audience.


That’s it. This concludes our list of Meetup Alternatives. We hope you find value in these platforms. They offer a variety of different features. So it is best to compare pricing and even try out a demo of the software before making the decision to built your community with a meetup alternative. If you are thinking of using one of these sites you are always welcome to contact us for community building and software alternatives advice.