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6 Best Lead Generation Tools For 2019 to get Targeted Leads

By March 31, 2019September 11th, 2019Professional Networking

6 Best Lead Generation Tools For 2019 to get Targeted Leads

Business leads play a vital role in enhancing the sales volume in any commercial company, resulting in better business profits. So it is the main target of the sales professionals to gather more and more leads for meeting their sale targets. Now, the use of the latest software tools has made the lead generation easier for these sales teams. There are some effective lead generation tools 2019 that are gaining fast popularity among the business communities. A few leading software tools used for this purpose are discussed here.



Basically, is a popular networking site for the professional people of all sectors. Now, this site is also accessible from mobile devices by downloading Nebii app. This software connects people of similar interests to the companies that may fulfill their professional or even personal passions. Thus, it is considered as one of the best lead generation software 2019, which helps in gaining huge numbers of business leads for their members.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator –

As LinkedIn is a prominent professional networking site, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has emerged as a popular social lead generation software. It is mainly useful for B2B business prospects, as it also searches for better leads from the huge database of LinkedIn. Moreover, it integrated CRM functions and keeps updates of sales progress.


CallPage –

CallPage is a tool like no other. We offer an automated callback to leads in 28 seconds. A web visitor sees our smart widget, leaves their phone number and instantly gets connected with the sales rep.


Hubspot Sales –

This free lead generation tool is provided to the members of the popular site Hubspot. It helps the company in reaching out to more potential customers in the market and also aids in following up with them, for closing those business leads successfully. Thus, it is counted as an efficient organizer CRM for any business.


Salesforce –

It is known to be one of the best lead generation tools 2019, as it also helps in managing those sales leads. It forms a firm bridge between the sales team and customers of the company, by integrating with other software used for sales and marketing. So the companies can satisfy their customers with prompter services and sell more products, resulting in more business profits.


ActiveCampaign –

This is another useful organizer CRM solution for any company, which mainly handles the email marketing section of the business. It is very effective for the small businesses and startup enterprises, as it can use email marketing campaigns for achieving huge business leads.


Intercom Acquire –

This is an exciting lead generation tool that is preferred by many marketing professionals. Whenever any interested client visits the website of a company, this software detects the presence of that person and intimates the marketing team for contacting him/her immediately. The prompt responses and clarification of queries result in positive lead generation for the company, as it functions as an effective network builder.


However, Nebii has emerged as one of the leading business generation tools in 2019, encouraging more companies to opt for availing the services of this software.