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5 Top Alternatives to Shapr

By March 14, 2019August 4th, 2019Professional Networking

Shapr is a popular networking app that is mainly used by professional people in all sectors. Here, the members connect very easily with other members sharing similar professional goals. People can create their profiles in Shapr by taking all necessary details from their LinkedIn accounts. Then they mention at least 10 professional interests on their Shapr profile, which are visible in bright orange color. The algorithm of this site uses these interests to match with other members from same or the nearby localities, who have mentioned the same professional interests on their profiles. Then it is easy to swipe to the right and click ‘Meet’ to arrange a professional meeting with the selected people on Shapr. Now, a few more professional networking sites have gained popularity as perfect alternatives to Shapr. Thus, plenty of professionals are using these apps to connect with people from similar professional backgrounds.

1. –


Interested in Putting your Network on Automatic? – is a popular professional networking app that automatically links people of same professional grounds. Nebii creates a closed circle of people, whose professional interests and backgrounds match perfectly. New members are offered free trials for checking the functionality of this app, after which they can start their own groups on this app in return of a fixed cost. You simply upload or invite your contacts and it makes system for you that automatically introduces your contacts weekly to each other.

Introductions are more targeted because each new member tells the software what they are looking for, and the software goes out and finds another professional who offers it, then email introduces those two people together. Start your own private group or go to the website and join existing public groups. Want to start your own group?


2. Alignable

It is a reputed professional networking site with more than 3 million members at present. This site has more than 30,000 local professional communities, where numerous people of the same professional fields are connected.  This site is operating since 2014, from it’s headquarter in Boston. This business venture is supported by several financial heavyweight companies in the USA. Many North American small business owners use this platform for obtaining leads and referrals for brightening their business prospects.




This networking site is mainly meant for connecting people of local communities, where the members can share their interests and learn about new trades from their new friends. Here, the members can expect to get professional support for their new ventures and may even make tie-ups with other members from the same professional backgrounds.




LinkedIn – This is the most famous and oldest professional networking site, with a huge database of 467 millions of members. As this network builder is now accessible on Android and iOS phones, many mobile users have downloaded this app for regular use. Apart from connecting with other professionals, people also search for jobs by browsing through the numerous current job postings on this site. The members can know about professional events organized in their localities from this site, where they can meet other LinkedIn members.




This professional site uses its algorithm to match and connect millions of their members to people belonging to the same professional fields. Here, the members can search for new jobs, business partnerships; fresh business leads to increase sales, and new professional relationships.