Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enable 1-on-1 professional matching for my groups?

After you sign up and subscribe, our software will allow you to create a unique link that you’ll associate with your social group or email list (Patent Pending). Any person who clicks on the same link will be allowed to match with others within the network you created. Next, you’ll encourage your existing followers to click on the link generated by our software, complete the registration form found at that link. Once registered, your Members will start receiving quality 1-on-1 professional matches via your signup link.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. The day you cancel you will not be billed in the future. To cancel log into your organizer account located at, go to settings then select deactivate your account. Sorry to say we do not offer pro-rates for cancellations. You can email if you have any issues.

When will my account be activated?

After you complete the sign up process on this page, you will receive an email with your account and login info. You’ll login to to get started creating your professional matching system immediately.

Can I customize this software for use with multiple groups?

Yes. Since our software generates 1 online URL or link, anyone that clicks on that link is able to join the same group pool of matches. This means you can re-use the same link across as many groups as you want if you want all those people clicking on your link to be a part of the same networking group (Patent Pending). If you want to separate your groups then you will create a unique group link for each pool of people you want meeting each other. Also if you have a group with specific niche interests you may want to select our customize feature which allows you to enter your own match criteria so you can better serve the matching needs of your group.

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